Performance for mFOLIO Master Kevin Wilde (wildmap:GRQ/M)

When you're looking for someone to help you invest, the most important information you can have is his or her personal investing track record. A personal track record is very different from a track record on a mutual fund, which most investors use and has most often built by a different manager than the current fund manager managing your money. Marketocracy has more detailed track records on more individuals than anyone in the world and that helps us to zero in on the best, most skilled investors, assess when is a good time to invest in their portfolio, and when its a good time to sell.

This is the track record for mFOLIO Master, Kevin Wilde's GRQ/M model portfolio at Marketocracy and I think you'll be impressed. We like it so much that we've created a mFOLIO, wildmap:GRQ/M, which tracks the stocks in his model portfolio for our affiliate, Marketocracy Capital Management LLC. To find out more about opening a managed account and investing in the wildmap:GRQ/M mFOLIO, click here.

On this page we show various Performance charts and tables for Kevin Wilde. The kind you would typically see at other financial websites and publications that track the performance of a fund; but importantly not the track record of the manager managing the fund. The track record of a fund typically has been delivered by several managers and several analysts that are no longer managing the fund. Even though it is the manager that will deliver the future performance your investment is depending upon.

Inception Date: 6/13/2001

GRQ/M Cumulative Returns Since Inception (as of 2014-06-03)
graph of fund vs. market indexes
Returns are after all implied fees including 5c/share transaction fees,
SEC fees, management and administration fees of 1.95%

GRQ/M Recent Returns vs S&P500 (as of 2014-06-03)
ReturnsGRQ/MS&P500GRQ/M vs S&P500
Last Week-2.06%1.33%-3.38%
Last Month-4.45%2.58%-7.03%
Last 3 Months-9.66%3.25%-12.91%
Last 6 Months-6.59%8.46%-15.05%
Last Year-22.74%20.55%-43.29%
Last 2 Years-32.71%57.29%-90.00%
Last 3 Years-42.71%58.05%-100.76%
Last 5 Years-52.46%129.63%-182.09%
Since Inception78.64%100.42%-21.78%

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