October 20, 2010

All systems go for the mysterious bull

graph of fund vs. market indexes
GRQ_M m100 S&P 500 Nasdaq
2010 has been a weird year. Fundamentally and technically we were set up for major reversal and potential new bear market. The troubles over in Europe should have guaranteed such a bear turn. The slowdown in the US economy the...

April 30, 2010

Weekly Summary

While the trend remains up for now, there are many troubling signs that a major peak has landed and a painful sell-off is underway. The semis have broken below important support. Ditto for the financials. European indexes are breaking below...

February 2, 2010

AlphaKing.com - Daily Trend and Trade Review: Feb 2, 2010

Trader Talk The major stock indexes enjoyed another modest recovery bounce today, this time on mildly higher volume Officially, the Dow Industrials rose 1.1% on NYSE volume of 5.4 billion shares, while the NASDAQ advanced 0.9% on 2.5 billion....

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